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Relais Papillon by Caroline St-Laurent

Part of Tangente's Triple Bill, November 12-15


This fascinating triple bill, which also includes Experience #1167 by Teoma Naccarato and See-Through by Allison Nichol Longtin, examines how bodies are displayed, distorted, used and reproduced by technological devices. Caroline St-Laurent’s Relais Papillon (butterfly relay, in English) places five women from four disciplines (two competitive swimmers, a synchronized swimmer, a ballet dancer and a contemporary dancer) in harnesses that suspend them horizontally about four feet off the ground. Without the normal constraints of gravity, the women are asked to explore movements within the theme of the swim stroke of the title. As an artist, St-Laurent’s work explores the multiple intersetions of sports and art. In this particular piece, she wants to create new connections between the effort of the body, repetition, training appartuses and the different styles of movement of the performers. The result is a captivating exploration of exertion, bodies, movement and machines. 

Learn more about Tangente’s presentation this weekend. 

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