Red Sky Performance: Tono

By Julye Huggins
Red Sky: Tono - The Creative Process

Tono, according to [Sandra] Laronde, emerged from first-hand experience of Mongolian culture during her travels in Asia. Laronde’s perception of links between that culture and the experience and beliefs of Canada’s indigenous peoples, particularly where horses and shamanism are concerned, was the foundation upon which Tono was built.” By Micheal Crabb, The Dance Current: Online.The stage is set at Calgary’s High Performance Rodeo for Red Sky Performance’s Tono, running tonight through to January 30th. This video offers some insight into the creative process and collaboration for this work, which interweaves ideas from Canadian, Mongolian and Chinese indigenous cultures. Next stop will be Edmonton February 2nd and 3rd, and then appearing in Vancouver’s 2010 Cultural Olympiad February 11th through 14th. Check out this second video highlighting more clips from the show.

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