REAson d'etre: Unraveling the Tight Weave

By Julye Huggins
Unravelling the Tight Weave: Behind the Scenes Blog

Coming up June 23rd through 26th in Toronto, REAson d’etre productions presents VIVID4 with two new works by Kathleen Rea: The Wild In Us and Unraveling the Tight Weave. There is an hour-long break between the works, during which the audience is invited to enjoy a giant knitting/dance installation occurring outside the theatre or grab a bite to eat at the local restaurants. Also, on Friday and Saturday there will be a discussion about the art of dance dramaturgy with Kathleen Rea and Tristan Whiston.This video offers a peek at the rehearsals of Unraveling the Tight Weave, which involves three larger-than-life balls of yarn, a scarf that spans the width of the stage, and ten dancers between the ages twenty and sixty. According to the company’s website, they “knit and unravel physically and emotionally as they travel through the piece, searching for their connecting thread.” The cast includes Yves Candau, Miranda Forbes, Samantha Farruggio, Janet Johnson, Karen Kaeja, Kirstie Keenan, Suzanne Liska, Sarah MacDonald, Yvonne Ng, Jessica Runge, Holly Small, Teisha Smith and Lee Walder. Be sure to check out Jeff’s Perspective, a blog created by the choreographer’s husband that offers a behind the scenes look at the development and production of the show.Be sure to check out the May 2002 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Kathleen Rea.
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