A Quiet Flamenco

Rosanna Terracciano’s video series By Nicole Decsey
Jane Ogilvie / a quiet flamencoJane Ogilvie in Terracciano's A Quiet Flamenco
Jane Ogilvie in Terracciano's A Quiet Flamenco


A Quiet Flamenco is a series of short films shot and edited by Rosanna Terracciano, an independent flamenco artist based in Calgary whose goal is to expose the “vulnerable, introverted and muted” aspects of flamenco dance. Each film features a different flamenco artist from across Canada and celebrates their individuality and artistry.

“It’s really the first time Canadian flamenco dance has been documented on film in this way,” says Terracciano about the project. Terracciano further explains how the project aims to show “a side of flamenco dancing that is often not seen in the media or on stage.”

Terracciano received the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize in 2017 for her work on A Quiet Flamenco and is expanding the project to create an entire online catalogue of flamenco dance. The films will be shown as a part of an immersive gallery installation during EMMEDIA’s Particle and Wave Festival in Calgary from January 31 through February 2, 2019. After the festival the films will remain as an exhibition in the gallery for the entire month of February.

The featured artist in this film is Jane Ogilvie from Edmonton, Alberta.

To view other videos in the series >> aquietflamenco.com

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