Public Recordings: what we are saying

By Julye Huggins
Help create what we are saying

The Toronto-based company Public Recordings is preparing to show its newest creation at Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage this spring. Established in 2003, Public Recordings has performed on both local and international stages with an overall focus on choreographic research. Noted by Artistic Director Ame Henderson in this video, Public Recordings is “a choreography company trying to co-create a kind of performance language together that draws on relationships to visual practices, and dance, and theatre and experimental sound.”The upcoming work to be performed at the World Stage is titled what we are saying and is a language-based project with an aim to speak as a group with the idea of “illuminating the radical possibility of a leaderless togetherness.” Frank Cox-O’Connell, Katie Ewald, Mairéad Filgate, Sherri Hay, Ame Henderson, Brendan Jensen, Alexander MacSween, Bojana Stancic and Stephen Thompson will perform the work May 22nd through 25th. The project is currently raising funds via indiegogo and has just surpassed one third of their goal to cover production expenses.
Learn more:Public Recordingsindiegogo Funding Campaign

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