Propeller Dance: Double Exposure

By Julye Huggins

On December 3rd people worldwide celebrated International Day of Persons with Disability. Propeller Dance, Ottawa’s mixed-ability dance company, commemorates the occasion this Saturday with its annual community day. Attendees at this event will get a chance to view a performance of works in progress, meet the Propeller Dance team and participate in the company’s annual general meeting. This video shows a sneak peak of Double Exposure, choreographed by Propeller’s artistic directors Shara Weaver and Renata Soutter. In the video’s YouTube notes Propeller writes, “At the core of our work is the belief that if you can breath, you can dance, and as wide a range of expression as possible is of value. Disability is understood as a difference in human experience rather than a limitation or lack of ability.” Be sure to check out the video below to see part two.

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