Projet In Situ: Tu vois ce que je veux dire?

By Julye Huggins
Tu vois ce que je veux dire ? - Martin Chaput + Martial Chazallon

This week during the Festival TransAmériques in Montréal, Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon of Projet In Situ (France) present Tu vois ce que je veux dire? (Do you see what I mean?). For this project, tickets are treated as individual reservations with a personal guide who will accompany you around town while you navigate your way blindfolded.In a world turned upside down, the spectator grapples with their senses and connections to the environment. The festival’s description of the work further entices: “Noises and smells are intensified, his perception of space completely transformed. A new equilibrium occurs. As he progresses he lets his steps be directed by his guide, who to him is but an arm and a voice. […] Here dance is presented in unexpected fashion, in a voyage of emotions, sensations, encounters, discoveries and surprises.”

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