Projet Héritage / Legacy Project: Episode 1

By Lee Slinger
FJPP Legacy-ep1 FINAL


The Legacy Project/ Projet Héritage, organized by the Margie Gillis Foundation, seeks to endow a new generation of artists with knowledge of the iconic Canadian dancer’s processes and creations. This includes sharing Gillis’ repertory, teaching philosophy, conflict resolution and creations with selected participants, from a variety of backgrounds.

In this first of a three-video series, (see here for part 2 and part 3) Gillis and some of the participants in first stage of development of the project, held in Acton Vale, Québec, in 2015, describe the intents of the project and the importance of the finding appropriate and suitable ways to share Gillis’ philosophy and experience. The participants in the process include Lindsey Renee Derry, Maggie Forgeron, Kate Hilliard, Ruth Levin, Teresa Marcaida, Troy Ogilvie, Susan Paulson, Makaila Wallace and Daphne Fernberger

On March 6 and 7 at the Place des Arts in Montréal, the Legacy Project will present eight dancers, participants in the project, performing along side Gillis, interpreting some of her celebrated works and presenting new solos and groups works inspired by the project’s process and knowledge sharing. The dancers include Adam Barruch (New York), Marc Daigle (Montréal), Caitlin Griffin (Vancouver), Ruth Levin (Calgary), Lucy May (Montréal), Troy Ogilvie (New York), Susie Paulson (Montreal), Neil Sochasky (Montreal). They are representative of the fifty participants from around the world engaged in the Legacy Project / Projet Héritage.

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