Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical

By Julye Huggins
Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical - Teaser Trailer

The March/April 2012 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item on Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical. Packed with Canadian talent, the global web release of Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical is about to hit the ground running this March. The twelve-episode interactive musical web series is inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu”. Directed by Romeo Candido, the cast features Matt Wells (the journalist), Mikey Bustos (“Christian”), Jeigh Madjus (“Lola”), Catherine Ricafort (“Cherish”), Nicco Lorenzo (“Shakespeare”), Norman Alconcel (“Hookaps”), Pierre Bayuga (“Oo oo”), Joseph Sevillo (“Nana”) and Ron Josol (the head guard).According to its website, the project blends Broadway with YouTube interactive features to create what might be described as “Glee meets Miss Saigon wrapped in a ‘choose your own’ adventure”. The synopsis goes: “Prison Dancer is the story of 6 Filipino prisoners whose lives are forever changed by the dancing rehabilitation program that eventually became a worldwide viral sensation on Youtube. Through surveillance footage, interviews with inmates inside the prison, and good old fashioned investigative journalism, pop culture journalist Matt Wells uncovers the personal, poignant, hilarious and universal stories of 6 prison dancers whose group dancing turned a maximum security jailhouse into a world stage.”
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