PPS Danse: Tales for Naughty Children

By Julye Huggins
Contes pour enfants pas sages - Pierre-Paul Savoie, Marie-Josée Chartier

Tales for Naughty Children by Pierre-Paul Savoie and Marie-Josée Chartier, January 14th through 18th. Blending dance, theatre, music and song, the work is an adaption of eight tales from Jacques Prévert’s book Contes pour enfants pas sages. The poetic quality of the stories and humanist values of the author shine through as curious children and animals present a critique of mankind’s exploitation and devastation of natural resources.Noted on the company’s website, these tales are “for children between 3 and 6 feet tall who love fantasy.” Among the strange and delightful animals are “an ostrich who eats bells and converses with Tom Thumb, melancholy antelopes, a dromedary who is unhappy at being called a camel, a sea elephant seated on its belly and able, it seems, to juggle with ice boxes.”
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