Possible Dances

The Possibility Dance


Originally titled The Possibility Dance, this solo work by Jessica Runge was originally presented in 2010 at hub14 when Runge was seven months pregnant. In this video, the solo artist performs in a sunny field for NXNE in Toronto in 2013. This contemporary work is the basis for fresh perspective in Runge’s current show, Possible Dances. Runge decided to revisit her solo work by commissioning four Canadian choreographers – Susie Burpee (Toronto), Deborah Dunn (Montréal), Susanna Hood (Montréal) and Heidi Strauss (Toronto) – to reimagine the original idea and present their own take on it. In the remake Strauss presents, she brings in acclaimed Toronto performer Brendan Wyatt to dance alongside Runge as a duet, challenging the original exploration of absence in space.

Possible Dances runs May 28-June 7 at the Intergalactic Arts Collective Studio in Toronto. You won’t see the solo in this video but four distinct works all featuring the beautifully fluid and expressive Runge.   

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