Pierre Lecours: Les steppes

By Julye Huggins
Pierre Lecours - Les steppes

This evening through to January 23rd, Agora de la danse presents the work of Montréal’s own Pierre Lecours. Les steppes (referring to the plains of Southern Siberia) presents an abstract space of the between, where fantasy and reality interrupt one another in a debauchery of disenchantment and inspiration. Here we see the clever sculptural partnering of Lecours’ work, where the architectural complexity of the relationship also hints to a dark romantic edge.The work is co-produced with Cas Public, including performers Roxanne Duchesne-Roy, Rocky Leduc Gagné, Kyra Jean Green, Susan Paulson, Mickaël Spinnhirny, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Andréanne Deschênes, and the company’s Artistic Director, Hélène Blackburn.

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