Philippe Meunier

La Pyramide du Sauveur By Julye Huggins
Philippe Meunier_dim

The fifth edition of Biennale de Gigue Contemporaine (BIGICO), Tangente in Montréal, is set to run its second program March 28th through 30th. This week’s lineup showcases five works including 120 Pieds by Yaëlle and Noémie Azoulay, Les Boîtes à Musique by Mélody Clermont, Nénuphar by Sandrine Martel-Laferrière, La Métaphysique de L’instinct by Ian Yaworski and La Pyramide du Sauveur by Philippe Meunier.The above video highlights Meunier’s solo Répercussions (2011) which addresses outcomes and consequences (physical and emotional) as a scattered artist seeks to find his rhythm. His new solo for BIGICO 2013 is inspired by the psychological/social interaction model of Stephen Karpman (1968), which proposes the habitual psychological roles of persecutor, victim and rescuer. Once a person takes a role, others fall into place. Meunier presents the journey of a man trapped in this pyramid and resolved to confront each emotional state.
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