Phil Villeneuve: Dancing in the Grocery Store

By Julye Huggins
Phil Dancing In The Grocery Store

Ah, the grocery store, so full of potential. Aside from tasty things, there are of course bright lights, meandering pathways, colourful backdrops, curious props, rows of catwalks and plenty of unsuspecting people. Phil Villeneuve (a writer, DJ, musician and chronic dancer from Toronto) and Tynomi Banks recently descended upon No Frills at the Dufferin Mall.Villeneuve’s YouTube channel currently features a few of his other public antics including a trip to the Eaton Centre, some clips on his Much Music VJ audition submission, and his dance tributes to “Single Ladies” and “Bad Romance”. When asked about what he was up to, he told The Dance Current: “One day I decided to [dance] in public and record it for family and friends for xmas one year. It was such a big hit, I decided to do it again and again! When I hear a song that I LOVE and can’t stop moving to, I grab my little film crew and we dance. It’s really that simple. The only reason we do it is to make people smile and have a good time.”

Learn more: Phil Villeneuve’s YouTube Channel

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