Phase Space

Peggy Baker's excavation of embodied memory By Jillian Groening
Phase Space Trailer


Leave it to renowned Canadian choreographer Peggy Baker to turn the notion of fragmented physical memory into a graceful and refreshing work of art. Extracting remnants of thoughts and movements from her large repertoire, Baker reworks her own creative history to create new and original dances in Phase Space. Performed with live music composed by John Kameel Farah, past and present find fresh points of intersection and connection. With clear intention and fluid understanding, interpreters Ric Brown, Sarah Fregeau, Kate Holden, Sean Ling, Sahara Morimoto and Andrea Nann bring varied perspective to Baker’s latest work. Phase Space premieres January 22 at Toronto’s Betty Oliphant Theatre.

Click here for The Dance Current’s listing for Phase Space.

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