By Kayla Hoolwerf
PARADIS/Paradise Returns


Canadian contemporary choreographer and dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino, with French composer Emmanuel Mailly, explores the relationships and dimensions of dance with live music and bold palates of sound in Co.ERASGA’s newest work, PARADIS/Paradise.

Tolention and Mailly collaborated and created PARADIS/Paradise in 2008 after meeting in France while Tolentino was on tour. “I approached Alvin because he’s very talented,” said Mailly in an interview with City Weekend. “I actually see my sounds when he dances.”

The story behind the new work is all in the name. PARADIS/Paradise (French/English) is a question of “What is paradise?” and “How do you find paradise?”. Tolentino says that for him paradise is expression through movement; for Mailly, it is the mystery of the sound landscape. The work explores both of these things with Tolentino communicating with contemporary dance in the confinement of a square and Mailly bringing the work alive musically using a noise guitar.  

PARADIS/Paradise is truly international, having travelled to a number of cities including Paris, Avignon, Shanghai, Manila and Bangkok; and is now making its return to Vancouver in celebration of Asian Heritage Month. It is presentd on the intimate stage at the Havana Theatre from May 5-9, before appearig in Victoria the following week.


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