Ottawa Swing Dance Society: Short Film by Jérémy Prud'homme

By Julye Huggins
Ottawa swing dance short film OSDS

This sweet short film by Jérémy Prud’homme was produced for the Ottawa Swing Dance Society (OSDS), featuring dancers Yan Robichaud, Rebecca Geleyn, Bruno Avard, Jordana King, Shawn Moffat and Helen Cleasby.The OSDS was founded in 1999 and is currently in residence at the All Saint’s Church in Ottawa, where they host a weekly Friday night party. Their repertoire has grown to include a variety of swing styles, such as East Coast swing, lindy hop, Charleston, balboa, shag, blues, and West Coast swing. Their website is also a good resource for finding places to take lessons in the city.
Learn more:Ottawa Swing Dance Society

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