Original Rudes and Grim Reminder: Breaking in the Peace Bridge

By Julye Huggins
Peace Bridge Dancing - By Original Rudes & Grim Reminder

Saturday was the unveiling of Calgary’s 130-metre-long Peace Bridge, a new city landmark by world-renowned architect, engineer and sculptor Santiago Calatrava. Among those breaking in the path for the first time, the local b-boy crews Original Rudes and Grim Reminder came out to celebrate and entertain with a spontaneous cypher.Original Rudes are known as west coast Canada’s oldest active bboy crew. More aptly described as a full hip hop crew, the Original Rudes have grown since their beginnings in 1998 to include DJs, graffiti artists, beatboxers and versatile dancers, who specialize in breaking, capoeira, popping, house and jazz. According to their Facebook profile, “the crew has represented Calgary in bboy competitions both nationally and internationally, and has expanded to other parts of the world with chapters as far as San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto.” Crew members dancing that day were Christopher Clare (aka “Clip”) and Kurtis Preston (aka “Presto”), and those from the new upstart crew Grim Reminder included John Nguyen (aka “Johnny Rawkit”), Justin Luk (aka “Madcap”) and Tyler Ko (aka “TKO”).
Learn more:Original Rudes’s Facebook Page

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