Ordinary Rebels

Mocean Dance presents winter mainstage series By Heather Stewart
Ordinary Rebels - TeaserMocean Dance
Mocean Dance


This brief teaser is a glimpse into the highly physical work that Mocean Danse will showcase at its winter mainstage event January 21-23 at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax.

Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth of Montréal’s Parts+Labour_Danse visit the East Coast to premiere a new work by Gualtieri and share a critically acclaimed piece from their repertoire. Mocean Dance company members Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker and Gillian Seaward-Boone dance in Stealing Fire by Gualtieri while Albert-Toth performs in Parts+Labour_Danse’s La Chute, a solo that won the 2015 Audience Choice Award at Toronto’s dance: made in canada festival.

In addition, Mocean Dance Co-Artistic Director Sara Coffin premieres standing alone facing you – a duet looking at external reality versus personal perception.

Learn more >> thedancecurrent.com/event-listing/ordinary-rebels

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