The Online Dance Company Project

Traversing new frontiers of performance
Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp - 1º vídeo


The Portugal-based Online Dance Company (ODC) brings new meaning to the notion of live performance. Creating work strictly for the sake of being filmed and presented on online forums, ODC explores a wide range of styles without ceasing to be accessible and action-packed. With the ability to watch a dance performance in the comfort of your home, or at the library or on the subway ride to work, ODC is able to share their artistry across the globe to anyone with access to wifi and a screen. Founded by renowned dance artist Victor “Cifrão” Fonesca and presented by Millennium, ODC lives online, free from the restraints involved with performing work in theatres or gallery spaces. Every month a new short video is released with the focus shifting between dance styles, such as swing, tango and breakdance. Each video is powerful and intense, with a changing roster of talented movers. With a mini-performance in the palm of your hand, coffee break just got a lot more exciting.

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