Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away …

By Sarah Lochhead
Chorégraphie Star Wars en 1977 ! (Archive)


Before Clone Wars, Jar Jar Binks or CGI, a popular dance form known as disco ruled the galaxy. Linked on a variety of websites with little to no description, save for a spoiler alert that you can’t unsee its contents, this now seemingly kitsch video features C-3POs (yes, multiple droids) and Darth Vaders (yes, curiously more than one) performing a highly choreographed disco routine complete with chroma keyed virtual sets.

The choreography has been credited to the producer and director of the French variety show Les rendez-vous du dimanche, Rémy Grumbach and is noted to have aired on Christmas Day in 1977. Haven’t you always wanted to bust out an intergalactic Charleston to the music from Mos Eisley Cantina? Permission granted.

Just down the street from the The Dance Current office yesterday, at the Scotiabank Theatre, a durational performance art piece unfolded. Also known as a movie marathon, the seventeen-plus-hour event screened both <i>Star Wars</i> trilogies and the much anticipated new addition to the franchise ­– The Force Awakens.

After watching this disco video, you can hustle off to a theatre near you over the holidays to see what all the hype is about. Too bad you can’t double bounce and fly right there.

If for some reason you don’t make it to the end of the clip on the merits of the dancing alone, fast-forward to the final seconds to see a young Jodi Foster’s quizzical reaction.

The Force Awakens opens in theatres nationwide today.

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