O Vertigo: Onde de choc

By Julye Huggins
Onde de choc - Ginette Laurin

Montréal’s Festival TransAmériques kicks off this week featuring twenty-five works by artists from twelve different countries. One company on the roster is Montréal’s own O Vertigo with choreographer Ginette Laurin, whose fascination with the human body has plunged into the body’s inner rhythms.The festival’s website further describes Laurin’s vision: “Seeking to flush emotion out from its deep recesses and its most primal forms of expression, she eavesdrops on its breathing, its murmurs, its heartbeats. They constitute the soundscape and the rhythms of an invisible, organic dance and music that resonate with the footsteps, physical contact and gentle touching of dancers on a ‘processed’ wooden floor.” The eight performers are Marianne Gignac-Girard, Rémi Laurin-Ouellette, Chi Long, Robert Meilleur, James Phillips, Gillian Seaward-Boone, Audrey Thibodeau and Wen-Shuan Yang.Be sure to check out the Summer Annual 2009 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for a profile on O Vertigo.

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