Northern Lights: Tearing it Up at Swing-A-Dance

By Julye Huggins
Swing-A-Dance 2013: Northern Lights performance d'équipe

The Montréal-based Northern Lights Lindy Hop Crew tore up the floor at the Swing-A-Dance festival in Québec, which ran February 8th through 10th. Along with special performances, the event offered beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and workshops in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and even burlesque. Also of interest was the competition with showcase, Jack and Jill (including pro-am) and strictly Lindy categories. The Jack and Jill is particularly exciting because at the beginning of the competition, the contestants are randomly paired three times in the preliminary and judged individually. In the finals, the remaining dancers are randomly paired again and judged as a couple.Bringing it back to the Northern Lights Crew, the performers included choreographers Putra Manggala and Caroline Rossi, along with Aleix Prats Ferrer, Anaïs Sékiné, Lunou Samson-Poirot, Eric Bertrand, Sylwia Bielec, Alain Wong, Geneviève St-Laurent and Catherine Desjardins. They were also pleased to have Jonathan Caron, the latest addition to the team, and special guest Davis Thurber. The group’s love for Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz dance has taken them to various events around Canada and the United States, such as Montréal, New Orleans, Seattle, New York and Washington, DC.
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