Nicole Nigro in Ford Advantage

for Dance Matters: Into the Fire
Ford Advantage (excerpt)
Dance Matters Series 3: Into the Fire features works by Terrill Maguire, Greg ‘Kyrpto’ Selinger, Anne-Flore de Rochmabeau, Bee Pallomina and Johanna Bundon.
Nicole Nigro will present Ford Advantage, an exploration of the intersection of joy and grief. In her research and creative process, Nigro paid particular attention to the moments in her life that are “full of deep joy … coupled with sadness, full of immense gratitude … blanketed with loss.” Much of the movement in Ford Advantage comes from the two weeks she spent from the bedside of a loved one in an Italian hospital. This is a poem she wrote of that time:
I have been given many gifts, most recently the gift of grief.
I’ve been able to study it up close, its movements, its desperation, its disarmament.
How it makes feet shuffle, chins drop, heads shake.
How it holds breath, and stops time, stops light.
How it covers us in fog and leads hands to hands, heads to shoulders.
How it steals sleep.
How we learn to breathe again, an unconscious breath, and find comfort in places we hoped would remain unfamiliar.
How we laugh, when there should be no laughter.
How everything tightens, and upon release, there is guilt.
How the world sways from side to side and we follow, without question. 
How we do, we just do, through blurry eyes…
And how we still find love.
– n.nigro, 2015.
Dance Matters: Into the Fire runs April 23 at 8pm and April 24 at 4pm at Pia Bouman School, Toronto. 
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