New Photographic Series Focuses on the True Joy of Dance

By Amanda Bereska
11 Million Reasons  - Behind the scenes


11 Million Reasons, a new photographic series by Sean Goldthorpe commissioned by People Dancing, puts the spotlight on inclusivity in dance. Dancers in wheelchairs, dancers who are amputees, dancers who are deaf and other differently abled artists are captured in iconic moments from movies like Black Swan, Chicago, The Full Monty, Dirty Dancing and more. They capture the essence of dance, something every body is capable of doing and celebrating. 

Integrated dance is a growing point of discussion around the world, particularly in Canada. Over the past year and a half, there have been panels by the Deaf, Disability & Mad Arts Alliance of Canada (DDMAAC) focused on inclusive art. There has also been a rise in integrated dance performances from a growing number of studios offering integrated dance classes, and the first ever Canadian-led integrated dance teacher training workshop brought together integrated dance advocates from across Canada.

For students and performers of integrated dance, this kind of inclusivity is a chance for them to be seen for what they can do rather than what they can’t. For the dance community and audiences more generally, it’s a chance to remember what the purpose of dance truly is: the joy found in movement and expression.



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