Ne meurs pas tout de suite,on nous regarde: Manuel Roque and Lucie Vigneault

By Julye Huggins
"Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde" TEASER .

Choreographed and performed by Manuel Roque and Lucie Vigneault, Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde (“Don’t die now, we are being watched”) is set to run September 20th through 23rd at Tangente in Montréal (with a post-show audience discussion on September 21st). In a celebration of humanity in the face of a post-apocalyptic world, Roque and Vigneault appear as perhaps the last two humans. The presenter notes: “They’re just playing. For you. For themselves. Playing with emptiness and chaos. Trying to express their kinetic existentialism as real as it might feel.”
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