ps: We Are All Here
m/Other + dark meaningless touch  (trailer)


This video previews two works choreographed by Toronto-based dancer Benjamin Kamino, m/Other and dark meaningless touch. The first work, m/Other, presents an intimate duet between mother and son, performed by Kamino with his mother Gabby Kamino (who is also a Canadian dancer and choreographer). The work explores the corporeal condition of pre-birth, and the communicative possibilities of pre-linguistic touch.

m/Other will be performed on July 14 as part of ps: We Are All Here. The annual curated dance show takes place in Toronto July 7 thorugh 15 and presents a dozen dance works from “around the world and around the corner,” according to the the Love-In team, who organizes the event. The low-tech and casual pop-up show runs alongside the Summer Love-In dance intensive in Toronto’s west end.

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