The Moon Runners: I Can't Stop Tutting

By Julye Huggins
I Can't Stop | Tutting | The Moon Runners

Recently published to YouTube, I Can’t Stop Tutting features Jan “Snapp” Yalda, Shawn de Ocampo and Steven “Icy” Senga of the Toronto-based crew The Moon Runners. Tutting is only one of the various skills that crew members bring to the table, with other including b-boying, popping, animation and robotics. Together, they offer a hybrid and unified style termed as glitching, named after music subgenre glitch-hop.Other crew members include Daniel Keith Morrison, “Nye the Glitch” (aka Nigel Edwards), Raoul “JIN” Pillay and “Frequency” (aka Anthony). Among their recent live performances, they were featured in the showcase for Toronto’s High School Best Dance Crew Finals back in April. However, more online content has been keeping their fans and students excited. Check out the video below to see Clutter by Icy, Nye and Shawn.

Learn more:The Moon Runners’ YouTube Channel

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