Moon Runners: Battles at Area 51

By Julye Huggins
Moon Runners Presents: Area 51 POPPING BATTLE/Icys 22nd Bday

Capping off a week of Toronto highlights, the Moon Runners present the battle event Area 51 this Saturday. Along with two exhibition battles, a bboy battle and a locking battle, the hot draw will be the one-on-one popping battle with guest judge Boogie Frantick (aka Ricardo Rodriguez) from California. The event is hosted by Toronto bboy Mariano Abarca of the crew Bag of Trix.Check out the video below to see Moon Runners Hit Man, K’Nex, Snapp, Raoul, Icy, Nasty Nye, Shawn, Glyphics and Daniel Keith Morrison in action from tutting to robotics.

Learn more:iMoonRunn YouTube Channel

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