Monika Volkmar: The Dance Training Project

By Mikaela Demers
Monika deadlift 205lbs x4

This video showcases Monika Volkmar, a Canadian dancer, personal trainer and founder of The Dance Training Project. Beginning to dance at age eleven in Manitoba, Volkmar studied at a number of schools and completed her BFA at Ryerson University. Through her training, Volkmar recognized the need for stressing strengthening to dancers and founded The Dance Training Project in her graduating year. In addition to offering courses such as strengthening for dancers and body repair, as well as personal training and Thai yoga massage, Volkmar offers the dance world both physical assistance and education through her online blog. Above being impressive, the deadlifts Volkmar is demonstrating pairs with her recent blog on the importance of cross training for dance. This Canadian’s current aim is to “debunk” some myths of traditional dance training. Diving into theories such as strictly training for dance with dance, and exploring ideas of pain and injury prevention, Volkmar aims to clear up what is healthy and helpful for the current day’s dancer through her education and experience. In hopes that her work assists dancers in getting the most out of their training and avoiding injury as much as possible, Volkmar contributes a needed perspective to the world of dance and its future dancers.
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