Moi au carré | Me Squared

Bande-annonce Moi au carré | Me Squared Trailer


Sursaut Dance Company of Sherbrooke, QC, celebrates thirty years by inviting emerging choreographer Stéphanie Brochard to create a new production. Brochard has been dancing for Sursaut since 2008 and has been assistant to the artistic director, Francine Châteauvert, since 2011. This is a turning point for the company as Châteauvert looks to the future and to collaborations with the next generation.

Sursaut Dance Company creates work for young audiences, particularly the four to twelve-year-old range, but Me squared targets a slightly older audience, addressing topics of identity, appearance and belonging – relevant to those on the brink of adolescence.

Me squared premieres December 8 at the Centre Culturel at the University of Sherbrooke. Learn more.

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