Miriam Schacter: danceFIT danceABILITIES Canada

By Julye Huggins

Diving into the new year, many are beginning new fitness regimes. Toronto’s Miriam Schacter of danceFIT danceABILITIES Canada offers dance fitness workouts in various areas of the city, including public and private classes.Of particular interest are her danceABILITIES classes, which address individuals with movement differences such as Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, joint replacement, arthritis, cancer and stroke. The movement is done in both seated and standing positions, and is accessible for those using walkers, canes or wheels for mobility and balance. Beyond fitness health benefits, the work aims to be expressive and enlivening, further addressing for mind-body integration and emotional well-being. According to Schacter’s website, “For many, learning how to engage in a relationship with ones body in a collective space, no matter the age group, no matter the pathology or diagnosis facilitates the spoken and unspoken articulation of creative intention, passion and core value recognition.” For more information on Schacter’s background and class schedule (including danceFIT classes), please visit her website.
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