Miha Matevzic

Snoop Dogg / Peaches N Cream / Choreography: Miha Matevzic

Snoop Dogg’s new song Peaches N Cream inspired dancer, choreographer and videographer Miha Matevzic to create this short number with colleague Castle Rock. Matevzic, who is originally from Slovenia, is a core member and founder of Allthat 954, a small street dance group with members in London, the United Kingdom and Toronto. Matevzic’s style is influenced by his training in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance. This summer, he’ll be teaching around Toronto and Vancouver before taking some down time – visiting friends and family – to prep for another season of competitions. 

Check out Allthat 954’s YouTube channel for more from Matevzic (like his adorable Tie the Knot video with wife Charlene). 

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