The Midnight Birth

Rap told through dance
Teaser The Midnight Birth


Québec-based artists Oliver Koomsatira and Kim Henry use contemporary dance and live performance to bring a rap album to life. The pair have been collaborating since 2007, but work on this project began in 2013 – and is still going. “The show keeps changing because we always question it. As performers, we want to integrate new things,” said Henry during a phone interview with The Dance Current

The Midnight Birth follows songs from Koomsatira’s album of the same name. “We wanted to make these two arts meet,” Henry elaborated on the concept, “to kind of break the boundaries of each one. We wanted to see how we could do a fusion to make something original.”

This week, the pair perform at rock.paper.sistahz, a black, indigenous and multicultural festival that features new works based on current social issues.

The fourteenth annual festival presented by b current runs May 3 through 7 at Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto.

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