Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Nearly 90²

By Julye Huggins
Nearly 90² - Merce Cunningham

Tonight is the closing performance of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in Montréal at the Festival TransAmériques. In a Canadian exclusive, the company presents Cunningham’s last dance creation, Nearly 90², a legacy piece that was crafted three months before his death in July 2009. According to the festival’s website: “A visionary choreographer, Merce Cunningham tirelessly reinvented the vocabulary of contemporary dance for over half a century. His importance in dance is comparable to that of Samuel Beckett in theatre, James Joyce in literature or Marcel Duchamp in the visual arts. Over time, his choreographies became a sort of new classicism, with the clarity and precision of the corporal architecture (conveyed by his masterful yet modest dancers) imposing a compelling beauty.”

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