Melbourne Shuffle: Canada Represent

By Julye Huggins
Melbourne shuffle -Canada represent!!

From Old School to New School, the Melbourne Shuffle continues to thunder on dance floor raves around the world. Thanks to the likes of YouTube, this underground Australian club dance of the late 1980s has spread and evolved, yet always rings home with its signature T-Step.According to Wikipedia, the street style emerged in Melbourne where it was danced to hip hop, disco and rock music of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Shuffle fused elements of stomping and b-boying in its early years, playing off of the Running Man and incorporating more arm gestures. The b-boy influence also accented the focus on keeping time with the bass beat, while the music gradually shifted to trance, breakbeat hardcore, drum and bass, and house. With time, dancers develop their own flares and idiosyncrasies, which can generally be associated with either Softstyle (which shifts and moves around the floor) or Hardstyle (which normally accompanies fast, heavy bass and keeps to a smaller area).”The Running Man involves a stomp forward followed by a single or double hop backwards with the same foot, the other foot repeats the action leading to a running-on-the-spot motion. The T-Step is a fast sideways heel-toe motion on one foot twisting at the ankle. The dance is embellished by spins, arm pumps, slides, and kicks.”Thanks to Montréal dancers Franco and Anthony for their compilation.

Learn more: Melb Shuffle or Wikipedia

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