Mayday Danse: Junkyard/Paradis

By Julye Huggins
MAYDAY - Junkyard/Paradis @ Agora de la danse

This week in Montréal, Mayday Danse performs Junkyard/Paradis at Agora de la Danse January 26th through 29th. According to the company’s website this work by Mélanie Demers stages a world where the antagonistic jar our expectations: “When junkyard is often a shelter for what is still precious and paradise a dump for our disposable love stories, the piece sways between opposing forces. What can be read as a child’s play soon becomes a power game. What is passion becomes compassion. What is inoffensive becomes fatal. And what is imminence of death turns out to be a ticket for life.”Performers include Demers, Angie Cheng, Brianna Lombardo, Nicolas Patry and Jacques Poulin-Denis.
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