Mayday Danse: Goodbye

By Julye Huggins

Coming up June 6th through 8th, Festival TransAmériques in Montréal presents Mayday Danse in Mélanie Demers’ new work Goodbye, featuring performers Demers, Brianna Lombardo, Chi Long and Jacques Poulin-Denis. Noted in a rich description on the festival website: “Thwarted equilibrium, vitriolic dreams and a lust for life feed an endless parade of insane expectations, internal conflicts and infighting. Welcome to the manic microcosm of Goodbye, where the only things that really matter are love and death. Under the harsh stranglehold of gods and demons, bodies struggle in a vigorous fight against adversity. Lost in their own labyrinth, they plunge through the troubled waters of an ever-changing reality, inventing a thousand ways to say goodbye so as to survive the imperceptible grief casting a cloud over our times.”
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