Margie Gillis: Premiere of Thread

By Julye Huggins
Thread NAC (WEB).mov

Tomorrow at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canadian modern dance icon Margie Gillis presents the premiere of Thread. This work, wrapped in metaphor, touches on our humanity and the connections that shape our lives. Gillis’ website further elaborates: “The layered dimensions of the piece compel us to reflect upon the challenges and miracles that are threaded into the complex lace of our path towards maturity, towards letting-go and acceptance. Thread exposes the rope that trips us up, the twine that tethers us, the strings that attach us, the cords we cut, the ribbons that glorify us…” For more on Margie Gillis, be sure to check out the profiles in the Summer 2008 and October 2007 issues of The Dance Current.

Learn more: Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

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