Margie Gillis: Chalice

By Julye Huggins
Chalice / Margie Gillis

Some folks are still reeling from last week’s Sun TV interview with Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis - a video we choose not to circulate. We will, however, highlight this 2010 creation by Adam Barruch, created in a residency with the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. Chalice is described as an exploration of “the depths to which a woman would go to escape her own sorrow.”Today on Facebook, incidentally, Ms. Gillis posts: “Dear Friends, Your messages of love and support are pouring in, in unbelievable tidal waves! I’m so deeply touched and already in the studio grappling with understanding this in dance, in motion, in Nature. Thank you again for your support. Love, Margie.”
Learn more:Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

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