María Muñoz: Tous les noms

By Julye Huggins
María Muñoz  - Tous les noms @ l'Agora de la danse

This Wednesday through Friday, Agora de la danse presents María Muñoz of Mal Pelo in her new solo work Tous les noms (All the names). Having left a great impression on local critics for her performance of BACH in 2008, she returns to Montréal on tour from Catalonia, Spain.From the snippets in this video, we get a sense of some of the striking theatrical elements and imagery that are incorporated into the work. On one hand we are drawn in to her physical and sensory experience, and on the other hand we are barraged with flamboyance. Turning to Mal Pelo’s website for further insight, the artist’s concept lies in issues of identity and the framework of naming, which “sculpts an environment for and from the body.”
Learn more:Mal Pelo

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