MACHiNENOiSY: Vancouver vs Vancouver

By Julye Huggins
Vancouver vs Vancouver

The much anticipated Vancouver premiere of Vancouver vs Vancouver lights up the Firehall Arts Centre December 8th through 11th. Choreographed and performed by Delia Brett and Daelik of MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society, this work shows two dancers face off against the notions of story and dance. While the movement itself is fairly minimal, challenge lies in the audience’s figuration of contrasting storylines in the spoken text. The underlying sense of confrontation (between dancers and with the theatre itself) stirs up presumptions, taking stark turns between funny and disturbing.”What’s the story?”“There is no story… there are a lot of other things, though.”According to the company’s website, their mandate is “to foster the research and creation of innovative performances that transcend the traditional notions of dance and theatre. […] Above all, they are dedicated to creating work that possesses physical clarity and emotional truth.”
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