Louise Lecavalier

So Blue By Julye Huggins
So Blue (2012)

April 12th and 13th in Toronto, Series 8:08 offers a workshop with Louise Lecavalier as part of its Alternative Technique Class programming. According to its website, the training takes a turn toward elements of boxing as well as other dynamic movements to help develop intensity and stamina. Participants will also learn a seemingly simple choreographic excerpt, which “will demand the speed of execution, precision, and coordination of original movements characteristic of Édouard Lock’s style.” The workshop is open to professional dance artists and dance students in a professional dance training program.This video highlights Lecavalier’s newest work, So Blue, currently on tour. It recently hit Germany and soon heads to Italy, before making its way to the Festival TransAmériques in Montréal this June.Be sure to check out the April 2011 and Summer Annual 2007 issues of The Dance Current print magazine for another article on Louise Lecavalier.
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