Lola MacLaughlin: Taxi

By Julye Huggins

The Dance Current’s news blog recently featured a new book on dancer and choreographer Lola MacLaughlin: Lola Dance – Lola MacLaughlin: A Life in Dance “The book, celebrating the life and work of the late choreographer Lola MacLaughlin is a collection of artifacts from her creative life, with essays from a group of artists close to her.” By Brittany Duggan, The Dance Current: OnlineThis short film, Taxi (1999), from Bravo!Fact offers a visual taste of MacLaughlin’s choreography in a mixed-media setting. Dancer Susan Elliott performs an excerpt of MacLaughlin’s Four Solos (1998) to Myra Davies’ and Gudrun Gut’s word and techno-beat score Taxi. Elliott dances against filmed images of “the big bad city” as the narrator tells a story of two people in a cab, “moving fast through wet streets, assaulted from all directions by glare, searing cold flashes in the unknown darkness.”
Learn more:Lola DanceMIASMA

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