locus plot

By Kayla Hoolwerf
locus plot - dancers


Choreographers have long referenced the visual for inspiration, but mathematical equations are more rare. Peggy Baker’s locus plot is rooted in a movement study Baker created, based off of a mathematical illustration called a locus (loci).

A large portion of Baker’s career has been focused on solo performance, with smaller ensemble works such as land | body | breath or night garden being performed as installation pieces. This will be her first full-length ensemble work, a collaboration of five dancers – Ric Brown, Sarah Fregeau, Kate Holden, Sean Ling, and Sahara Morimoto – set to a commissioned piece of music performed live by John Kameel Farah. The dancers disrupt the underpinnings of schematic mathematic formulae as they explode, collapse and slide into dramatic dance-theatre scenes.

locus plot premiered in Toronto on April 24 and runs until May 3 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.

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