Lives were around me

By Julye Huggins
Lives Were Around Me

The Vancouver artists of Battery Opera are taking a stand and making their statement through Lives were around me (back by popular demand Nov 17, 24 and Dec 1, 8, 15). David McIntosh’s artist statement says it all: Given the British Columbia Government’s decision to withdraw funding to the arts, I have decided: now is the time to experiment!For the re-mounting of our show . “Lives were around me” we will be reflecting the actual costs of the production in the box office price. Because it is a remount and brilliantly, does not require a theatre, we are able to offer tickets at a bargain price of only $267.67 (Two hundred and sixty-seven dollars and sixty-seven cents). The only way to reserve one of the three available spaces per show, is to buy such a ticket.My intention is to provoke a discussion not merely about the monetary value of art, but more importantly, about the function of public funding for the arts. It is my belief that public funding subsidizes public access to the arts. As an artist, I will continue to make art, but without public funding, the public will not easily be able to access my art. It and I will go “underground”, or “overseas”. This may or may not concern you, but I think it’s time to talk about it because that’s what democracies do. Right?If we sell every ticket, I’ll be thrilled. If you wish to see the show but can’t afford to pay the actual costs, I’d be happy for you attend by donation on a first come first serve basis. Just look for Akasuzi at the Alibi. She’ll take care of you. That’s one of many things art will do.

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