Le corps en question(s)²/The Body in Question(s)²

Van Grimde Corps Secrets reveals a new video capturing the most recent performance and second series of corporeal exploration By Jillian Groening
Teaser Le corps en question(s)2 / The Body in Question(s)2


Welcome to the future of performance.

In a holographic whirl of live movement, installation and video, curator and choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde contemplates the status of the physical body in an increasingly virtual world. Presented by the Brian Webb Dance Company and University of Alberta Museum as part of The Works Art and Design Festival and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, Le corps en question(s)²/The Body in Question(s)² teleports the viewer to new performance realities by incorporating the interactive element of a digital platform. Spawning from 2012’s creation-exhibition presented at Festival TransAmériques, Le corps en question(s)²/The Body in Question(s)² is an innovative collaboration that allows for contemporary dance, visual art and academic research to fuse seamlessly and, in turn, become alive. Van Grimde, artistic director of Montréal-based company Van Grimde Corps Secrets, incorporates nine visual artists, six performers and two scientists to engage in a dialogue exploring contemporary perspectives of the body with an honest and human curiosity. This immersive and intimate artistic experience allows the viewer the rare ability to step behind the screen and transport beyond the physical realm of a gallery experience.

Look out for Van Grimde’s next jaunt into the digital world with the work Symphony 5.1 in 2016.

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