Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses

By Jessica Alley
Le chemin des passes dangereuses


Montréal-based director and choreographer Menka Nagrani brings contemporary dance, theatre, aerobics and percussive dance together in her interdisciplinary adaptation of Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses. Written by Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard in 1998, the play tells the story of three brothers who get into a car accident at the exact same spot where their father died years ago. It’s an emotional story, and Nagrani’s adaptation allows movement to tell a large part of it.

Although the show takes place on stage, this promotional video is a stunning work of art on its own. Performers Arnaud Gloutnez, Dominic St-Laurent and Félix Monette-Dubeau speak passages from the original script while stomping percussively with their feet. As their shoes drum against the wooden floor, sending mushroom clouds of dust from underfoot, it looks and sounds like tap dance … but in fact, these percussive steps are derived from the traditional jig of Québec, or in French, de la gigue québécoise!

In 2004, Nagrani founded the socially engaged interdisciplinary company, Les Productions des pieds des mains. Since then, she has created several dance-theatre works with artists from diverse backgrounds. Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses is at Théâtre Prospero in Montréal until February 28.


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