Lara Kramer: Fragments

By Julye Huggins
Lara Kramer- Fragments

Also on the program tonight of Festival Vue sur la Relève at Montéal’s Maison de la culture Frontenac is Ojibway-Cree choreographer Lara Kramer, who is presenting her contemporary dance work Fragments. Kramer will be performing with Tal Minnie Aronson, Véronique Gaudreau and Jasmine Inns (Elissar Hanna is seen in the video in Kramer’s stead).Kramer drew inspiration from the stories of her mother’s experiences at an Indian residential school in Manitoba. The scope of the work reaches out across Canada and gives voice to many more stories that have crafted this personal interpretation. In Kramer’s words: “Fragments expresses, in a poetic form, the silent emotions and experiences of the young girls who attended the schools. It is not an attempt to retell any one story, but rather to process the knowledge of these schools. The project aims to build a dialogue around a history too often ignored.”

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