La Méta-Carpe: le zoo "Chaleurhumaine"

By Julye Huggins
chu uc court F

A flurry of international artists are making waves in Canada this week. Just yesterday, Montreal’s Tangente wrapped up a four-day run featuring work by Quebec artist Emmanuelle Calvé and an ongoing project by Michaël Cros of France.Cros and his company La Méta-Carpe have been working on a project entitled le zoo “Chaleurhumaine” (The BodyHeat Zoo), seen here during an earlier residency period at Usine C in Montreal in June 2009. According to his website, Cros is a multimedia artist who is driven by an interest in various states, types and relationships of bodies: human, digital and puppet. As his human zoo project continues to develop “with the help of Quebec and French artists, he will explore the borders between the living and the lifeless, the human and the monster.”

Learn more: La Méta-Carpe and Blog du Zoo “Chaleurhumaine”

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